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Show Windows 7 Stock Gadget

Windows 7 has no gadget stock. I downloaded the Stocks Gadget from Windows Live Gallery, and although I can install it, it says “Cannot connect to service” and does not display stocks.

How to display the stock price of gadgets in Windows7, since the official gadget currently does not have a stock price gadget for Windows7, install an unofficial gadget to display the stock price gadget.

There seem to be two representative unofficial stock price gadgets . It doesn’t make much sense. However, since a good method of Stocks for Windows 7 is shown in the blog site ” A certain Sony favorite engineer’s diary “, I will explain the setting method in more detail.

1. Download Stocks for Windows 7

Download Stocks for Windows 7. Stocks for Windows 7 download page
When you click the “Download” button, a message will appear, so click “Install”.

Note: Clicking “Open” in the download selection and clicking “Install” does not complete the installation. Click “Save” to save the downloaded file.

2. Install Windows official gadget stock.

Click Download. This is official, so there is no message.

To install Official Gadget Stocks, click “Open” without saving and install directly

When the security message appears, click “Run”.

If you want to install this gadget, a message window will appear, so click “Install”.

When the installation is complete, you will see a message on your desktop saying that the “Stock Gadget” service is not available, so please close this gadget.
3. Preparing to install Stocks for Windows 7

Rename the “StocksForWin7” file you just downloaded  from StocksForWin7.gadget to StocksForWin7.zip .
To rename, right-click on the desired file and click “Rename”. 
You will be warned that “If you change the extension, the file may become unusable.” Click “Yes” to change it.

Once renamed, double-click StocksForWin7.gadget to extract the compressed (zip) file.
Next, double-click the “en-US” folder to open it.
Then double-click the “js” folder to open it. For the time being, do the following work in this state (without closing the opened folder).

Click [Start] – [Run].
Copy Cocokara AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\Stocks_Windows_SideShow_ja-jp.gadget\js CocoMade, paste it in the name field, and click [OK].

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