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Hard drives, often called hard drives, are used to store data on your computer. SimpleTech is a company owned by Fabrik, Inc. that manufacturers external and portable computer hard drives. Definition
SimpleTech manufactures a brand of removable and portable hard drives made to appeal to home users. SimpleTech drives combine a variety of technical elements – such as online services, software and hardware – to facilitate the management, sharing and storage
SimpleTech units. they have hot-swap capability, which means you can swap them with another device while your computer is running. The shells or cases of SimpleTech units feature designs inspired by Pininfarina, the Italian design company Ferrari. SimpleTech also offers plug n’ playback capability, which allows devices to operate automatically when installed on a computer system, without the need for additional software or drivers.
Fun Fact
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SimpleTech units, considered eco-friendly storage devices, include Energy Star certified power transformers and are constructed from 100 percent recyclable materials.

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