SimpleTech Portable Hard Drive Information

A hard drive is a device used by computers to store digital data. If the hard drive is portable, it can be removed and inserted into other computers. SimpleTech is a brand of portable hard drives. Definition
SimpleTech is a consumer brand of external or removable hard drives owned by Fabrik Inc. SimpleTech portable hard drives are designed to combine software, services and hardware online to allow a user to manage, store and share digital data.
SimpleTech was originally called simple technology. The company name changed to SimpleTech in 2001. In 2006, SimpleTech announced its first line of portable external hard drives. Fabrik purchased the SimpleTech brand in 2007, and continues to market products under the SimpleTech name.
SimpleTech portable hard drives offer plug-and-play features, meaning they can automatically operate on a computer without the need to install additional software or drivers to allow the drive to function. SimpleTech portable hard drives are hot-swappable, meaning they can be swapped in for another drive in a computer system while the computer system is in operation. SimpleTech portable hard drives also feature a design inspired by Pininfarina, the Ferrari design company.

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