Specifications for an E-1800 Gateway Internal Hard Drive

The E-1800 was a desktop workstation made by the gateway. The E-1800 was first introduced in 2001. This computer is no longer available from Gateway, but spare parts and upgrades are available from various online vendors. Hard Drive Brand
The E-1800 came with the D740X-6L040J2 Maxtor hard disk drive.
The storage capacity for this 40GB hard drive was .
drive interface
The D740X – 6L040J2 was an ATA-133 Ultra drive. Ultra ATA-133 is a type of Parallel ATA (advanced technology accessory) or IDE (integrated drive electronics), which offers a theoretical data transfer rate of up to 133 megabytes per second.
Spindle Speed ​​and Spin Latency
The spindle or platter rotation speed for this unit was 7200 revolutions per minute (rpm). The rotational latency for this unit was 4.2 milliseconds. Rotational latency or delay is the length of time it takes the drive to spin to the specific point needed by the read/write head.
The Maxtor D740X – 6L040J2 hard drive had a two megabyte cache buffer.
search times
The average read seek time for this drive was 8.5 milliseconds. The average range to track read time was 0.8 milliseconds. The full course average seek time was 17.8 milliseconds.

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