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Show Classic Start Menu | Start Button on Windows 8 Desktop

There is a way to display the traditional Start Menu (button) on the Windows 8 desktop.
This is a method using a free application software called “Classic Shell”. If you like the operability of conventional Windows, I think that it will be quite easy to use.

The method of using the application “Classic Shell” is, as the name suggests, an application that can be set in a classic style (formerly Windows) style such as Explorer in addition to the start menu. In addition to Windows 8, various functions that have been abolished in Vista and 7 (such as the button display of “Move to the upper folder” in the start menu and title bar) can be set so that they can be reproduced.
However, when using “Classic Shell”, the button on the start menu will be the application icon instead of the Windows one.

Displaying the start menu (start button) by Windows 8 “Classic Shell”

Download Classic Shell Download from
the Classic Shell website . Click “Download Now!” to open the download page, and after 5 seconds the download will start, so please save it. 

Install Classic Shell
Open the saved folder, right-click the downloaded file and click “Run as administrator”.

“User Account Control (UAC)” If you have not disabled UAC, a warning window will appear, click “Yes”.
Reference: The Classic Shell Setup window that disables User Account Control (UAC)

will appear, so click “Next”.

Agree to the Classic Shell license, etc. The next item will appear, so check “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” (agree) and click “Next”.

The Customize Installation window will open. Click “Next” if there is no need to set according to individual judgment.

The “Ready to install Classic Shell” installation execution window opens, so click “Install”.

The installation work status is displayed, and when the installation is completed, “completed the Classic Shell Setup Wizard” opens. If you do not want to see the manual, remove the check mark from “view readme files” and click “Finish”. , to complete the setup.
The setup screen will close and a shell-shaped icon will appear on the taskbar (location of the traditional Start button). Click the icon to open the start menu setting screen, so select which type you want and click “OK”. A confirmation window will appear, so click “Yes”. You can also set other settings, but here we will only touch on the “Start Menu”.
Now you can display the “Start Menu” by “Classic Shell”.
If you need to set the “Start Menu” again, right-click the “shell icon” and “Classic Start Menu” will appear, so click “Settings”.

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