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Start Windows 10 Zoom feature super easy – how to use and set Magnifier

Windows 10 has a built-in zoom function called “Magnifier” that allows you to magnify all or part of the screen. It also has a reading function. Magnifier can be activated/deactivated very easily with keyboard shortcut keys. This page introduces how to use the magnifier and how to set it up.
Please refer to the following page for how to make the text and icons on the desktop screen always large.

Start/close Magnifier with keyboard

If you use the shortcut key on the keyboard, even if the zoom function is set to “disabled”, you can easily and quickly start “Magnifier”.

  • Press the “Windows” key and the “+” key to launch the magnifier and display the operation panel.
  • Pressing the “Windows” key and the “ESC” key exits the magnifier and hides the operation panel. 

* You can also operate the magnifying glass by keyboard operation. For more information, see how to use the magnifying glass at the bottom of the page. From Windows 10 Ver.2004, the magnifying glass has been strengthened and the specifications have changed.
Operation panel of the magnifier Ver.2004 or later.
 Operation panel of the magnifier before Ver.1909.

Pin Magnifier to taskbar and launch

  • Click the Windows button and click “Ease of Access” in the “W” of the “Start Menu”. Right-click
    on Magnifier when the menu expands . 
  • When the submenu opens, hover your mouse pointer over “Other” and click “Pin to taskbar”. 
  • Click the “magnifying glass” icon pinned to the taskbar to start it.
    * Once the shortcut icon is pinned, it will not disappear even after restarting or exiting Magnifier unless you delete it arbitrarily.

Disable Magnifier Autostart


  • Open Windows Settings
    Click the Start menu and click Settings in the menu. 
  • Click “Ease of Access”. 
  • Click “Magnifying glass” in the setting item.
    Click “Start Magnifier” to remove the check mark. “Magnifier” will not start automatically when you start next time.

Basic operation of Magnifier

  • Press “Windows” and “+” to launch Magnifier.
  • Click the “+” button to zoom in and the “-” button to zoom out.

You can also operate the Magnifier with other shortcut keys.
When the magnifying glass is running, use “Windows” and “+” to zoom in, and “Windows” and “-” to zoom out.

Setting the enlargement method

This section introduces the basic settings for using the magnifier. The magnifier can be used in three ways: “fixed”, “full screen”, and “lens”. To change the magnification method, operate in Magnifier settings. 

  • full screen

    Enlarges the entire screen.
    The position at which you clicked the enlargement “+” button is used as the reference point to enlarge the image. If the operation panel of the magnifying glass is on the upper right, it will be hidden by enlarging the left side and the lower side.

  • lens

    A frame is displayed around the mouse pointer, and the inside of the frame is enlarged at the specified ratio. If you move the mouse pointer, the zoom range will move with it. 

  • resize lens

    The size of the frame (lens) of the expansion range can be changed with the slide bar of “Lens size change”. 

  • fixed

    A fixed window is displayed, and the contents of the window are magnified by the specified ratio. Also, the fixed window is initially displayed at the top of the screen, but can be moved to any location.

Read aloud in Magnifier

How to use Magnifier Read Aloud

  • Click the Speaker button in the Magnifier control panel.
  • Click on the character to start reading.
  • You can also use keyboard shortcuts to read aloud.
  • Move the mouse pointer to the reading start position, and you can start reading with “Ctrl + Alt + left click”.

Magnifier reading settings

Click the “gear” button on the operation panel of the magnifier to configure settings.

  • You can adjust the reading speed by moving the reading speed slide bar. 
  • Voice Voice
    Click the selection box to change to another female or male voice.
Magnifier option settings
For how to open the setting screen, please refer to ” Disabling automatic startup of Magnifier ” above .

  • Magnification level change
    Set the magnification when the magnifier is activated. (100% recommended) 
  • Change
    the increase/decrease amount of the enlargement level Set the magnification when enlarging or reducing once. 
  • Autostart Magnifier to start Magnifier after sign-in . 
  • Automatically start Magnifier before login for all users
    Magnifier is turned on for all registered users. 

The settings below are for older versions. It cannot be used in Ver.2004 or later.

  • Invert Colors
    Inverts the screen colors. 
  • Bitmap smoothing
    Displays text smoothly when enlarged. 
  • Collapse to magnifying glass icon
    Change the operation panel of the magnifying glass to a magnifying glass icon. Click the magnifying glass icon to display the operation panel. 
  • Magnifier Mode
    Sets the default view when Magnifier starts. 
  • Tracing Options
    Sets whether the magnifier point tracks the mouse pointer, keyboard focus, text insertion point, or narrator cursor.

Key keyboard shortcuts for Magnifier

  • Start Magnifier
  • exit magnifier

Operations while Magnifier is running

  • expansion
  • Shrink
  • Open Magnifier settings
  • Zoom with mouse wheel
  • Switch to full screen
  • Switch to lens (partial enlargement)
  • switch to fixed
  • Resize with keyboard
  • Full screen preview
  • read aloud

Starting Magnifier Tips:

Magnifier is generally started automatically or from the start menu, but if it is set to automatic start, the operation panel of Magnifier will always be displayed on the screen after startup, making it difficult to use. increase. In addition, starting from the start menu is also inconvenient because there are many operations. To use the zoom function conveniently, you can also start it by pinning the shortcut icon to the taskbar, but I think the most convenient way to use it is to use the keyboard to start and stop the magnifier.

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