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How to bring the Windows 11 taskbar to the top

Windows 11 is designed so that the position of the taskbar cannot be changed, so it is not possible to change the display location by the conventional method, but it is possible to display the taskbar at the top by editing the registry. This page introduces how to display the Ver.21H2 taskbar on top.
Please see the following separate page for how to display the button icon on the taskbar to the left as before.
Note: In Ver.22H2, even if you edit the registry to display the taskbar at the top, it is a specification that will force it to return, so here is the method You can’t do it.

Show Windows 11 taskbar on top

Changing the position of the taskbar will be reflected by restarting Explorer after editing the registry.

Manipulate the display position of the taskbar with the registry

Open Registry Editor

  • Press “Windows” and “R” on your keyboard.
  • When Run opens, type regedit in the text box and click OK.
  • Click Yes when the User Account Control warning appears.
“Run” can also be opened from Start.

 Open display location registry key


Expand the registry editor by clicking the > icon next to the key name.

  • Software
  • Microsoft
  • Windows
  • CurrentVersion
  • Explorer

Expand in order and click ” StuckRects3 “. To change the position of the taskbar, edit ” Settings
” in “StuckRects3” .

Change taskbar position in registry

Make a backup of “Setting” of “StuckRects3” before modifying the registry, as it is data that is difficult to correct if edited incorrectly.

Incorrectly editing the registry may prevent Windows 11 from working properly.
If you are unsure of what to do, make a backup before editing the registry before doing anything else.
show taskbar on top

In order to avoid confusion and mistakes, please operate continuously here. 

  • Right-click Settings and click Modify to bring up the edit screen. 
  • Click before “03” in the same place as the illustration below. 
  • When the mouse cursor appears , press the “Delete” key on your keyboard to delete it. 
  • Continue typing 01 on your keyboard. 
  • Confirm that it is “01” and click “OK” to complete editing.
  • Next, restart Explorer in the next section to reflect the changes.
Tips: Taskbar display position value

By modifying the Setting value, you can change the position of the taskbar by changing to the following numbers.

  • 03Shown below
  • Displayed on 01
  • 00 Vertical display on the left
  • 02Vertical display on the right edge

Although the taskbar can be displayed vertically, depending on the environment, the taskbar may not be displayed properly and the taskbar may not be operable, so it is not recommended.
If you make it vertical and you can not operate the taskbar, press “Windows” and “R” on the keyboard and execute “regedit” to correct the registry.

Reflect changes in taskbar position

Restart File Explorer for the taskbar position change to take effect. Open Task Manager
Right-click the Start button and click Task Manager.

If it is “simple view” as shown below, click “details”.
 Restart Explorer
Find “Explorer” in “Processes” and click “Restart” in the right-click menu.
 Completion of the top display of the taskbar
If you want to return the taskbar to the bottom of the default, set it to “03” by modifying the registry key “Setting”.

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