Toshiba Satellite M115 will not read CDs

The specifications of the Toshiba Satellite M115 vary depending on the model, but most laptops included in this product line include a 14-inch screen, a 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) Intel Core Duo processor and 512 megabytes (MB) of memory. The laptops can run Windows XP or Windows Vista.If the Toshiba Satellite M115 cannot read CDs, you can use PC Diagnostic Tool to scan your CD-RW/DVD-ROM disk for errors. If the PC Diagnostic Tool cannot detect all the errors related to the drive, the Toshiba Repair Tool upper/lower threshold can modify the registry to fix the common DVD/CD related error that occurs when you upgrade your laptop computer for Windows Vista.
PC Diagnostic Tool Instructions
Click “Start”, “All Programs”, “Toshiba” and “Utilities”. Click “PC Diagnostic Tool” to launch the utility.

Check the box to the left of “CD /DVD”.

Click “Start Diagnostics”. The utility will scan your device and report any errors.
Toshiba upper/lower Repair Limit Tool

Download and save the Toshiba Top/Bottom Repair Tool for your Toshiba Satellite M115 limit (see Resources) .

Right-click “RmvFltrs.exe” and choose “Run as Administrator” from the context menu. Click “Allow” to bypass User Account Control.

Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software on your computer. Restart your system to restore the read and write capabilities of your disk drive.

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