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Turn off Windows 10 notifications and dismiss popups

Notifications in Windows 10 automatically display information from Windows itself or installed apps, such as “Windows Tips” and “App Notifications”, at the bottom right of the screen. All of a sudden, a notification pop-up is distracting. It’s also a problem when notifications appear during presentations and negotiations. You can hide notifications by simply turning them off in the “Notifications & Actions” settings. For other notification settings, please refer to the following page.

Turn off and disable notifications

1. Click “Settings” in the Start menu.
 2. Click System.
 3. You can turn off notifications from “Notifications & Actions” in the system.
 Turn off notifications in quick settings

The notification settings are divided into “From Windows” and “App”.

  • Turning off notifications from Windows
    The ■ selection box, not the “switch button” at the top, is notifications sent from Windows, such as hints and suggestions.
    ■ You can turn off the notification by clicking the box and leaving it unselected □ . Selection state ■ is ON 
  • Turn off all notifications except Windows
    If you set “Get notifications from apps and other senders” to “Off”, you can turn off all notifications except Windows. Set to “On” to set individual notification display settings. 
  • Individually turn off notifications
    The notification settings for the app can be operated from the list in “Settings for receiving notifications for each sender”.
    Click the “switch button” and turn off the notification with “off”. “On” is displayed
If you turn off notifications in simple settings, they will not be displayed in the action center either. If you want to display it in the action center, please refer to the advanced settings in the next section.

Turn off notifications in advanced settings

Detailed notification settings can be set only for applications other than notifications from Windows. In the Receive Notification Settings by Source list,
click the app you want to turn off notifications for.
 When the advanced settings are displayed, you can turn off the notification by clicking the switch button of “Notification” to “Off”.
 From advanced settings, you can also turn off notifications and display them in the action center. 

In the advanced notification settings, if the notification is “on”, you can make the following settings.

  • Show/hide notifications on screen
  • Show/hide in action center
  • Show/hide notification content on lock screen
  • Notification sound on/off
  • number to display in action center
  • Priority for displaying notifications in action center

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