Types of Computer Peripheral Storage

When people think about computer storage devices, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the internal hard drive. While this is the most common PC storage device, many forget about storage devices. These devices sit on the computer and provide additional storage functionality. Whether you are looking to back up data, add more free space to your system or transfer large files, there are a number of computer storage peripheral types available. Flash Media
memory cards pack a lot of storage in a small package. media devices
Flash, such as USB flash drives and memory cards, are the most common computer storage peripherals. Because they are so small, they are useful for moving files between computers or backing up a small set of important files. A typical flash drive or memory card has 1GB to 64GB of data.
External Drives
Hard drives and DVD burners are the most common external drives.

As the name implies, external drives sit on the computer and provide the same functions as the internal drives. External DVD burners plug into your PC’s USB port and allow you to burn data to DVD discs, for example. External USB and FireWire hard drives are also available that provide a maximum of 2TB of storage.
Floppy and Zip Drives
Connect external floppy drives to computers via USB. disk drives

floppy disks and Zip disks are rarely used these days, but are a common feature of older computers. Both devices are available as external peripherals for loading old files to new systems. Considering a floppy disk only has 1.44MB of data, a typical Zip disk is 100MB . Add one of these devices to your computer if you have a large number of files archived on any medium.

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