Types of Magnetic Storage Media

The first working computer may have been an abacus, invented in 300 BC. Computers have certainly changed since that time, initially getting bigger and bigger until they took over entire rooms. Modern computers, of course, are much smaller and can sit on your desk or your lap. Computers today have more storage capacity than ever before, and there are several types of magnetic storage that can hold your files. hard disk
A hard drive is made up of platters that are arranged, one on top of the other, on an axis. Each platter or disc has read/write heads on each side of the platter. This form of magnetic storage is faster and has more information than floppy disks. Hard drives over the years have enjoyed a dramatic increase in capacity even as their physical size has gotten much smaller.
floppy disk
A floppy disk is a storage device that can be either 3.5 inches or 5.25 inches. It can be used to store and transport data from one computer to another. Its capacity is too small to be useful for today’s computers, which no longer have proper floppy drives.
Magnetic Tape
Magnetic tape is slower than a hard drive, but it can hold more information than a floppy disk. It can be cost-effective as magnetic tapes are cheaper to produce than other forms of magnetic storage.

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