Types of Micro SD cards

Portable memory cards are used in cell phones, digital cameras and portable audio devices. Micro SD cards provide added memory in said devices to store hundreds of images, videos and music. There are three specific types of Micro SD memory cards available to consumers today. Standard Micro SD Card
a normal micro SD card is about the size of a fingernail. Micro SD cards are used in most modern cell phones, GPS devices, portable audio players, video game consoles and expandable USB flash memory drives. According to statistics provided by iSuppli Data Flash Market Tracker, more than 81 percent of cell phones ship with a Micro SD card as an accessory. The maximum capacity that Micro SD cards support is 2GB.

Micro SDHC Card
Micro SDHC cards are identical to Micro SD cards in every way except for storage capacity. Micro SDHC cards have a capacity range from 4GB to 32GB. Only high end mobile devices like touch screens and smartphones have support for Micro SDHC cards. Micro SDHC cards are also available in different speed classes. SDHC Micro cards with a high speed class are ideal for tasks such as recording HD video, while the lower speed classes are useful for storing images and music.
Micro SDXC

Micro SDXC cards are the next generation in Micro SD technology. SDXC cards have storage capacities ranging from 32GB to 2TB. Most electronic devices have yet to implement Micro SDXC technology. Computers support Micro SDXC cards with the use of an SDXC compatible USB reader, or in the SD slot directly on the PC.

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