Vista does not recognize a blank DVD

If Windows Vista doesn’t recognize or burn files to a blank disc – but still recognizes playable DVDs and CDs ​​ – your system settings could be to blame. AutoPlay – a feature that detects removable media and automatically performs an action based on user preferences – may be disabled, or the “NoCDBurning” registry value may be preventing files from burning to DVD. Instructions
Activate AutoPlay
Left click on the Windows logo located on the taskbar. Choose “Control Panel” on the right panel.

Click on “Automatically play CDs or other media”, located under “Hardware and sound”.

Check the option “Use AutoPlay on all media and devices”. Expand the drop-down menu next to “Blank DVD.” Choose an action from the options.
Modify record

Log in to Windows Vista with administrative privileges. Click on the Windows logo to open the Start menu.

Type “regedit” into the “Start Search” field. Right click “regedit”. Choose “Run as administrator” from the context menu.

Browse through “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”, “Software”, “Microsoft”, “Windows”, “CurrentVersion” and “Policies”. Click on “Explorer”.

Double click on “NoCDBurning”. Change the value to “0”. Exit Registry Editor and restart.

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