What Does Dual Layer DVD-RW Burner Mean

A dual-layer DVD-RW is a drive capable of writing dual-layer DVD-RWs. To burn such a DVD, it is necessary to have both a dual-layer DVD burner and a dual-layer DVD-RW. DVD-RW
DVD-RW (Rewritable), unlike a DVD-R (Recordable), is a disc format that allows you to write data to DVD not once but over and over again and erase the data already on the disc.
double layer
a dual-layer DVD contains two layers of organic dye onto which a laser can record information. This nearly doubles the disk’s storage capacity, from around 4.5 to 8.5 gigabytes.
A DVD burner uses a special laser to stud a DVD’s surface with a series of microscopic grooves that encode digital data. DVD-RW Dual Layer is capable of writing and rewriting the two layers of a dual layer capable DVD rewritable.

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