what is a physical unit

A physical unit is the actual hardware that stores data and information. Almost all computers come with some kind of physical drive installed on them. Identification
Any type of hard drive in a computer is a physical drive. Furthermore, any type of external media such as an external hard drive, USB drive, floppy disk or CD-ROM is also a physical drive, as can any type of computer storage media.

The physical drive is what a computer stores almost all of its information on. Most modern computers have physical drives installed on them, usually in the form of a magnetic head hard drive or a flash-based solid state hard drive. Older computers kept all their information from floppy disks or other external physical drives.
logical units
The physical unit is in contrast to a logical unit, which only exists in the realm of programming. While a physical drive is a real, physical drive a person can see, a logical drive is a partition within a physical drive. An example of a logical drive would be a hard drive with partitions. Even though the computer sees that drive as multiple drives, it’s still just one physical drive, with multiple logical drives inside it.

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