What is a PowerEdge Raid Controller (PERC) H200

A Dell PowerEdge RAID controller PERC H200 is one of Dell’s hardware RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) controllers for its wide range of storage devices. The Dell H200 is available as both an expansion card and an integrated motherboard RAID controller. Background Photograph of
RAID configurations allow you to use multiple hard drives in multiple configurations in order to provide additional storage speed or fault tolerance. Dell PERC (PowerEdge RAID controllers) devices provide connectivity to multiple drives and control the RAID configuration.
The Dell PERC H200 uses PCI-Express 2.0 technology and can support up to 16 hard drives. The device supports RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 10 (sometimes referred to as RAID 1+0) configurations.
The Dell PERC H200 is usually purchased as part of a new server configuration and can be added to the appropriate Dell servers at the configuration point. Make sure you buy the correct type of hard disk drives and the proper quantity for your desired RAID level.

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