What is a Replacement Part on a Disk Array

Computers rely on information stored on multiple drives, or a disk array, in order to operate efficiently. There may be circumstances where this information is lost or otherwise unrecoverable ​​. Spare part in a disk array can help compensate for this problem. Definition
A hot spare on a disk array is a kind of failover mechanism used to provide greater reliability on operating systems. Failover is a means of automatically switching to a redundant or replacement application upon termination or failure of an active application.
When a key component in a disk array fails, algorithms, or calculations mathematically used by the operating system, rewrite the data on the hot spare, which then takes over for the failed component. The replacement part reduces the possibility of data loss from disk failure, and also decreases the MTTR, or recovery time say. The average recovery time is the calculated average time any device can recover from a system failure.
A hot spare does not provide full protection against system or data loss during the move process. A hot spare is also not intended to replace a physical disk drive. If the physical elements of a drive fail, the drive may need replacement.

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