What is memory Driving on a computer

Computers are used to store and access digital data. In order to properly retrieve data when needed, computers must have a way to identify this stored data. Memory addressing performs this task. Definition
Memory addressing involves creating a memory address, or identifier, for a specific location in a computer’s memory storage system. This identifier allows a hardware device or computer program to store data and subsequently identify and access it, on command. A memory address typically takes the form of a binary number, or a number made up of zeros and ones, which is derived from an ordered sequence that the computer uses to describe that memory space.
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the CPU, or central processing unit, in which the computer uses the number of memory addresses to track the data and instructions that apply to that data. The CPU uses the address bus, or data channel, to communicate the memory address it wants to access to the memory controller. The memory controller reads the address and then returns the data to the address bus.

An absolute memory address uniquely identifies a location in computer memory. A relative memory address specifies the location of data relative to data stored elsewhere.

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