What is O Drive

O: ? Drives are a type of network drive companies use to store data. Data on the O: drive is available to be shared by those included in the network, but is not physically stored on any computer. Function of Ó : Drive
According to Towson University’s Department of Computer Services, network drives allow users of computers connected to a network to share information. OO: unit is specific to a company’s personnel department. Members of the department have equal access to all the information, since the information is stored in the O: drive and not an individual computer
information backup
When storing . oo information: unit, departments can prevent the loss of important information. Network drives backup all information nightly. In the event of an individual computer crash, a department’s information would still be safely stored on the O: network.
Information Access Unit
Storing information on the: unit also allows members of a department to work outside the company building. Teleworkers and travelers can gain access to the O: drive by accessing an Internet connection and remotely logging into the network


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