What is short term or temporary memory on a computer

Short term memory prefers a computers RAM, (random access memory), which is data that is lost when the computer is turned off. RAM memory allows you to read and write data as well. Types of computers
Each type of computer, whether it’s a Windows or a Macintosh, is preinstalled with a certain amount of memory.
RAM Sizes
Computers now usually come with at least one or two gigabytes of memory and some computers may even come with as much memory as a terabyte. The more memory you have, the more you can store and the faster your computer can process data.
How it works
When you turn on your computer RAM is what opens the operating system, data, and application programs. RAM is much faster to read and it never runs out of data, but when RAM fills up the processor has to constantly replace the old data with the new ones into the RAM. RAM will keep operational, but unfortunately the computer will slow down. RAM is volatile meaning after the computer is turned off the data in RAM will be lost. Files and your operating system once again load into RAM when you turn on your computer.
RAM is essential to have in a computer in order for it to work, properly.

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