What is the ISO format for Microsoft

ISO format refers to a file structure commonly used on CDs and DVDs. This system organizes the data files that are on the disk. Inside the ISO file are other files. ISO files, also called “disk image” or “drive image files”, have the file extension. ISO . Benefits
Optical discs that are created with the ISO format enjoy compatibility, and can be played and read on computers running Microsoft Windows, on Apple MAC computers, and on standard CD audio and DVD players. Also, the ISO format is often used for downloading software to your computer via the Internet. These files are used to burn a CD or DVD that is “bootable”, and therefore can run software that is independent of the computer’s operating system. This is common for computer diagnostic software.
Burning An ISO Disc Burning Software
Disc is available that specifically deals with burning a CD or DVD from an ISO file. Microsoft Windows 7 has this feature built in. If you use a standard CD/DVD burner to burn an ISO file disc, you might end up with a disc that contains a copy of the ISO file, which is not what you want. By using the correct burner option, the ISO file will “unpack” all your files and place them correctly on the disk, creating a “bootable” disk or media disk. Using Microsoft Windows 7, burn a disc to ISO file by inserting a blank disc into the optical drive, right click on the ISO file and select “Burn Image” option.
The New Format
the ISO format has a newer competitor, UDF, or Live File System. Unlike ISO-structured discs that you burn once can no longer have their data changed or added to, the live file system allows you to use a blank CD or DVD as if it were a hard drive or flash drive. Files can be added or renamed at a later date. Microsoft Windows 7 is capable of creating these “multi-session” discs.

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