What is the meaning of Combo Drive

A combo drive allows you to access different types of media using just one optical drive. These types of drives became much more popular as laptops became the standard in computing. Definition
Combo drives are optical drives that can read and write two different types of optical media. The most common combo drives can read and write CDs and DVDs read. This is changing as Blu-Ray becomes more popular.

The term combo drive is also used to describe disc players that can read two different types of media. One example is a machine that plays Blu-Rays and HD DVDs.
Super Drives
A super drive refers to an optical drive that can read and write to two different types of media. The most common type of super drive reads and writes CDs and DVDs. There are some super drives that now read and write DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.

Combo units are very common in laptop computers. There is usually only one drive bay on a laptop, so a combo drive makes most of the drive bay space limited.

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