What is the recommended amount of free space for a hard drive

Computers use hard drives for more data storage. Space requirements depend on operating system and personal usage, but as a general rule of thumb, keep at least 15 percent free. starting from scratch
If you have a new computer with a blank hard drive and are planning to build the system from scratch, calculate your operating system size and triple that number to give yourself a good amount of space for basic operation. . The more free space, the better

Computers create a bunch of temp files out of necessity, these “Temp” files help the system run smoothly. Occasionally cleaning up your system’s temporary files to free up hard drive space will help your computer run better.
Purpose of Free Space
The computer uses free hard disk space to provide services such as virtual memory. While RAM is useful in situations where information is changing rapidly, less memory intensive tasks are often relegated to virtual memory on the hard drive. In maintaining hard drive integrity, the hard drive must defragment, which requires 15 percent of the total hard drive space


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