What the numbers mean for a Memory Stick

Random Access Memory (RAM) sticks have a set of specifications associated with them that determine their type and capabilities. These specifications are usually indicated by specific numbers. DDR2, DDR3
The first number you can see is a “DDR”. Two or three after the letters Double Data Rate is a type of RAM often used in computers. DDR2 and DDR3 are each technological advances plus the previous number.
memory speed
memory usually has a set of numbers with “PC” in the title. If the PC has a two or three after it, it represents either DDR2 or DDR3. You will also see a number associated with speed. This number indicates the peak RAM transfer rate in megabytes per second. For example, PC3 -6400 can efficiently transfer 6400 MB of data per second.
This number, either in megabytes or gigabytes, denotes the actual amount or size of memory. If you’re buying a pair of sticks, it’ll often look like “2 x 2048MB”, telling you that you’re buying two 2GB (2048MB) sticks of RAM.

Considerations < br >
when buying new RAM, you should be sure you buy the right kind. You can do this by combining the numbers (except capacity) on your computer’s existing RAM modules to those of any potential upgrades. Installing the wrong type of RAM can cause computer errors.

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