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What to do when Windows 11 taskbar is hidden/not hidden

By default in Windows 11, the taskbar is always visible at the bottom of the screen. Icons, buttons, and clocks are displayed on the taskbar. The “Auto-hide the taskbar” function can be set to be hidden and displayed only when necessary in “Taskbar behavior” in “Taskbar settings”. This page introduces how to hide the taskbar and display it only when necessary with the mouse pointer and how to deal with it when it is not hidden.
Please see the separate page below for how to make the taskbar to the left edge like before.
Hide taskbar

Move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen to reveal the taskbar, and move away to hide it.
To hide the taskbar, select “Auto-hide the taskbar” under “Taskbar behavior” in the taskbar settings. 1. Open the taskbar settings
There are two main ways to open the taskbar settings.■ Open from the taskbar
If you right-click on an empty space on the taskbar, “Taskbar settings” will be displayed, so click on it.
 ■ Open from personal settings
Right-click on an empty space on the desktop, click “Personal settings” in the menu, and when the setting screen is displayed, click “Taskbar”.
 2. Click Actions on the taskbar.
 3. Click “Auto-hide the taskbar” to select it.4. When you select it, it will be reflected immediately, and you can confirm that the taskbar is hidden.

What to do when taskbar disappears

Taskbar suddenly disappears

Even if the taskbar is set to auto-hide, if the taskbar suddenly disappears while using the computer, click “Auto-hide the taskbar” in the taskbar settings and check it once. Remove the mark, mark it again, select it and check if it is hidden. If it is still not hidden, try restarting “Explorer” in the next section.

Taskbar no longer hidden in full screen

When the video site is displayed in full screen, the taskbar will normally be hidden without any setting.
If the taskbar is displayed instead of hidden when you view videos or games on YouTube in full screen, try restarting “Explorer”. 

How to restart explorer

1. Start Task Manager
Right-click the Start button and click “Task Manager” in the menu.
With Ver.22H2, you can start the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar. If the task manager is “simple display” as shown below, click “Details (D)” at the bottom left to switch to the detailed screen.
 2.Restart Explorer
From here, it is explained separately because it is slightly different from version 21H2 and 22H2. ■ How to operate in version 22H2

  • On the “Processes” screen, click “Explorer” to select it.
  • Click “Restart Task” at the top of the screen to restart Explorer.

 ■ How to operate in version 22H1

  • On the “Processes” screen, click “Explorer” to select it.
  • Click “Restart” at the bottom right of the screen to restart Explorer.

 When you restart Explorer, all open Explorer windows are automatically closed. If restarting “Explorer” does not fix the problem, restarting the computer will fix the problem in most cases. If the taskbar does not disappear even after restarting the computer, it may be improved by starting the command prompt or terminal as an administrator and executing the system file check and repair command “sfc /scannow”.

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