Why is there no sound when I play in my browser

Sometimes it’s a shock when you don’t hear sound in an Internet browser when you play embedded music or movies. Most of the time, the solution is a quick fix that may have slipped your mind from previous use. volume controls
Check your volume controls, the volume could just be reduced or turned off. Make sure the volume is turned on on the computer, either through software or the manual controls physically on the computer. After doing this, check the volume control located on the movie or music player built into the browser.
The sound card driver may be defective or missing. Reinstalling the driver may fix the problem, if you have Windows you can completely erase the driver and reinstall it using your system disk or a driver downloaded from the internet. If you choose the latter, you just need to know what sound card is installed in your computer.
The final solution may involve restarting your computer. Something may have corrupted the communication from the computer to the sound card and it may need to be cleaned.

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