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Windows 10 Automatically adjust display brightness “Automatic brightness adjustment on | off”

By default in Windows 10, the brightness of the display may be automatically adjusted for computers with an illuminance sensor. By turning off this automatic brightness adjustment setting, you can prevent the brightness of the screen from changing on its own. This page introduces how to set the automatic brightness adjustment function. You may not be able to adjust the brightness of the display depending on your PC environment . If you want to adjust the brightness, you can also adjust the brightness in the night mode of the blue light cut function.
Disabling automatic brightness adjustment that changes the brightness of the screen on its own

1. Click the Start button and click Settings.
2. When the settings are displayed, click “System”.
 3. Click to open “Power supply and sleeve”.
 4. Click “Additional power settings” to open the “Power Options” window.
 5. Click “Change plan settings” for “Balanced” or “Power saving” in your favorite plan and open it.
 6. Click “Change advanced power settings” to open the “Advanced settings” window.
 7. Scroll down and click to expand the ‘+’ next to ‘Display’ and click to expand ‘+’ next to ‘Turn on auto-brightness’.
Click the setting “On” or “Off” to display the menu.8. From the menu, select “On” or “Off” for automatic adjustment, click and click “Apply” to complete.
 If you click “Apply”, the setting will be valid even if you close the open window. 

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