Windows 10 Disable upgrade to Windows 11 notifications

You can turn off the upgrade notification icon on the taskbar, the recommended upgrade notification screen that appears at startup, and the pop-up notification by selecting “Continue using Windows 10” in Updates and Security. This page introduces how to turn off Windows 11 upgrade notification.

Windows 11 upgrade notification explained

An update notification icon appears on the taskbar

The update notification displayed on the Windows 10 taskbar, normally an orange  icon, but the Windows 11 upgrade notification is displayed with a blue ● icon. Clicking it will not start the upgrade immediately. Update & Security will open. 

Notification screen type 1 to remind you to upgrade at startup

There are two types of newly added screens that trigger upgrades at startup. You can always upgrade to Windows 11 even if you click “Deny upgrade” on the screen prompting you to upgrade that appears at startup.

After declining, click “Don’t do anything now” when prompted, and later disable notifications in Update and Security.  

Notification screen type 2 that induces a new type of Windows 11 upgrade

A screen that invites another upgrade is newly added, and it invites more Windows 11 upgrades. 

In the new invitation, after clicking “Deny upgrade” or “Keep Windows 10”, an introduction screen for Windows 11 will be displayed, so be careful not to click “Upgrade to Windows 11  .

Disable Windows 11 upgrade notifications

Windows 11 upgrade notifications can be turned off by operating from Update & Security. You can also restore disabled notifications. Open Update & Security

If the upgrade icon is displayed on the taskbar
Click the notification to open Update & Security. Don’t worry, clicking the notification button won’t start the upgrade.
If the upgrade icon is not displayed
Click the “Windows” mark and place the mouse pointer where the icon on the left is displayed. A menu will open and click “Settings”.
 Click Update & Security on the Windows Settings screen.
 If you’re seeing an upgrade notification, at the top of Update & Security it says “Your Windows 11 upgrade is ready…”.

A new version of Windows 11 was provided on September 21, 2022, so you may see “Windows 11, version 22H2 is ready”.

If you click ” I will continue to use Windows 10 for now ” in the Windows 11 upgrade guidance , the taskbar notification and Windows 11 guidance will disappear immediately. Also, pop-up notifications will no longer appear.
Restore the Windows 11 upgrade guidance and notifications
When you turn off the Windows 11 upgrade guidance, the item “Check if installation preparation is complete” is added to the content of “You can run Windows 11 on this PC”. Masu. If you click this “Check if the installation is ready”, the display of Windows 11 guidance and notifications will be restored after “Checking for updates”.


Pay attention to notification of invitation to upgrade to Windows 11 after starting Windows 10

Even if you choose to continue using Windows 10 and disable the upgrade notification, there is a possibility that the upgrade notification will be revived at any time because it is about Windows. In that case, please check the update and security screen and select “Continue using Windows 10” so that the upgrade notification will not be displayed. Starting from May 2022, the Windows 11 wallpaper is animated, and the incentive to upgrade has become severe.

Also, please note that the wording and display have changed from 2023.

 There have also been reports of users mistakenly upgrading to Windows 10 when prompted to upgrade by displaying a brand new Windows 11 desktop screen, which makes them mistakenly think that they have upgraded for a moment before signing in. Even now, Windows 11 will not be automatically upgraded, but in the future, there is a possibility that the wording and display contents will be changed and confusing explanations will be clicked to execute the upgrade. Be careful where you click and read carefully .


Completely stop the upgrade to Windows 11 and turn off the notification

If you disable the TPM (encryption function) of the Windows 11 upgrade requirements, the requirements will not be met and you will not be eligible for the upgrade, so you can completely turn off the notification.

 Disabling the TPM can be disabled by programming the UEFI BIOS on the motherboard (main board). How to disable the TPM to stop upgrades is detailed on the page below.

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