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Windows 10 How to turn off notification sounds and change sounds

Windows 10 displays notifications and usage hints with notification sounds from the system, Windows, apps, etc. To turn off the notification sound, you can turn off the notification sound or change the sound in “Notifications and actions” in settings or “Change system sounds” in the control panel. This page introduces how to turn off the notification sound.
Please refer to the following page for how to erase the notification displayed on the screen

Turn off notification sounds

To turn off notification sounds, you can turn off all notification sounds or turn off notification sounds for each app in “Notifications and Actions” in Settings. 
1, Click “Settings” in the start menu.
 2. Click System.
 3. You can set the notification sound to “OFF” in “Notifications and Actions” in the system.

Turn off all notification sounds

You can turn off all notification sounds by clicking “Play sound when notification” and removing the check mark to deselect it.

You have now turned off all notification sounds.

Turn off notification sounds per app

If you want to set the notification sound to “OFF” for each application, leave the above “Play sound when notified” selected. Under Receive notifications by sender, click the app whose notification sound you want to turn off.
 When the detailed notification settings are displayed, click the switch button for “Sound when notification arrives” and set it to “OFF”.

Notification sound does not disappear (change notification sound)

1. Open the Control Panel
Click the “Windows” mark, scroll the displayed “Menu”, click “W”, expand “Windows System Tools”, and click “Control Panel”.
 When the Control Panel opens, click “Hardware and Sound”.
 When Hardware and Sound is displayed, click “Change system sounds” under “Sound”.
 2. Change notification sound
Click “Notification” in the program event box, and click the select box under “Sound”.
 Turn off the notification sound
③ If you click “None” and select it, the notification sound will be turned off. Change notification sound
If you want to change the sound, you can select the sound you like and check it with “Test”. Others posted as “notification” are related to “notification sound”, so you can change the sound of the notification sound by “changing” the notification sound to your liking. 

The main contents related to the notification sound are as follows.

  • system notification
  • desktop email notifications
  • New text message notification
  • New fax notification

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