Windows 10 start menu settings / how to use / list of articles for problems and fixes

  • How to repair when the start menu does not open
    When the start menu displayed by clicking the Windows 10 start button does not open, you may be able to solve it by restarting explorer or performing a system check and repair with the command prompt.
  • How to configure and customize the Start menu
    The settings that make it easier to customize the Windows 10 Start menu can be customized in the Personalization Start.
  • Change the color of the start menu
    You can change the color settings for the start menu and start screen in windows 10 on the color setting screen instead of the start settings. If you change the color setting of the Start menu, the taskbar, the frame of the opened window, the background color of the tiles, etc. will also be changed at the same time.
  • How to remove/add icons to the start menu You
    can remove or add icons to the start menu of Windows 10 from the start menu or start folder.
  • How to turn off the start screen [Do not display tiles]
    How to turn off only the start screen displayed next to the Windows 10 start menu You can hide it by unpinning the tiles.
  • Start screen settings and customization
    How to set up the Windows 10 start menu, change the size of tiles, move tiles, delete tiles, add tiles, change the group name of tiles, change the size of the start screen, start screen turn off

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