Windows 10 system standard startup enable/disable setting

If the Windows 10 standard built-in apps or additional apps start automatically, they are basically registered in the Windows standard startup that is integrated with the system. System integration startup can be set and managed with a simple operation by clicking “On Enabled / Off Disabled” in “Task Manager” or “Settings App”. This page introduces how to set standard startup for Windows 10 system integration.

Startup Automatic startup enable/disable setting

Startups that are registered with the system and auto-launched can be configured from two places: Task Manager or Windows Settings, Apps.

Enable/Disable Startup in Task Manager

  • Right-click anywhere on the taskbar and select Task Manager from the menu.
  • When “Task Manager” opens, click “Startup” in the tab menu to open the setting screen.
    * If “Startup” is not displayed, it is displayed as simple. If you click “Details (D)” at the bottom left, it will become a detailed display and the “Startup” tab will be displayed.
  • Startup “disable/enable”
    • Stop auto-start
      Click to select the app you want to disable startup, and click “Disable” at the bottom right to stop auto-start.
      Those that have been disabled will not start automatically the next time you start your computer.
    • Auto start
      If you want to return from disabled to “enabled”, click the target disabled app and click “Enable” to start automatically. 

Startup enabled/disabled in app settings

  • Click the “Windows” mark and move the mouse pointer to the place where the icon on the left is displayed, the menu will open and click “Settings”. 
  • When the settings window appears, click “Apps”.
  • Click “Startup” in the application item to open the setting screen and operate.
    • Stop automatic startup
      Click the “On” button of the application that disables startup, and turn it “Off” to stop automatic startup.
      If you turned off the next time you start your computer, it will not start automatically.
    • Start automatically
      If you want to start automatically, click “Off” and change it to “On”, and it will be enabled the next time you start.
Regarding the management of automatic startup, it may be managed by “service” or task scheduler that automatically starts at the earliest stage, such as antivirus software. For details,

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