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Windows 10 taskbar hidden | no longer hidden

By default in Windows 10, the taskbar is always visible at the bottom of the screen. Icons, buttons, clocks, etc. are displayed on the taskbar. Auto-hide taskbar feature allows you to always hide the taskbar and show it only when you need it. This page introduces how to hide the taskbar and show it only when you need it with the mouse pointer.
You can also customize the taskbar settings in various ways.

Auto-hide the taskbar

Enable the “Auto-hide the taskbar” setting if you use the display screen from corner to corner.
When enabled, the taskbar is not always displayed, and when the mouse cursor is placed in the direction of the taskbar (usually at the bottom of the screen), the taskbar is displayed, and when the mouse cursor is released, it is automatically hidden. 
1. Right-click an empty space on the taskbar and click “Taskbar settings” in the menu to open the taskbar settings screen.
 2. There are two settings: “Desktop mode” and “Tablet mode”.

  • If you’re using a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet in desktop mode, set “Auto-hide the taskbar in desktop mode”.
  • If you are using tablet mode, set “Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode”.
Be sure to set in the mode you are using. Even if you set it in a mode that is not in use, it will not be reflected.
If you do not know whether the current setting is desktop mode or tablet mode, please refer to the following page. Find out

If you set the setting
to “On”, it will automatically hide.
When set to “Off”, it will always be displayed.

Taskbar no longer hidden

Taskbar suddenly disappears

Even if the taskbar is set to auto-hide, the taskbar does not disappear while using the computer.
Make sure that “Auto-hide the taskbar” is turned on in the taskbar settings. If there is no problem with the settings, try restarting “Explorer”. 

Taskbar no longer hidden in full screen

When the video site is displayed in full screen, the taskbar will normally be hidden without any setting.
If the taskbar is displayed instead of hidden when you view videos or games on YouTube in full screen, try restarting “Explorer”. 

How to restart explorer

If you right-click on a place where there is nothing such as an icon in the taskbar, a menu will be displayed, so click “Task Manager”.
 If the task manager is “simple display” as shown below, click “Details (D)” at the bottom left to switch to the detailed screen.

    • Right-click File Explorer on the Processes screen.
    • Click “Restart” in the right-click menu to restart.

* If you restart Explorer, the currently open Explorer will be closed automatically.
* If restarting “Explorer” does not improve the problem, restart the computer.
If the problem persists even after restarting, try the “How to check the system” section at the end.

Taskbar disappeared, not visible

If the taskbar suddenly disappears, check “Auto-hide the taskbar” above.

    • If it is “off”, set it to “on”.
    • If it is “on”, turn it “off” and then “on” again.

If the taskbar still does not appear, try restarting your computer with it set to “On”. If you still can’t see the taskbar, it could also be a problem with your system files. 

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