Windows 10 taskbar speaker icon missing/disappeared

Speaker icon on taskbar disappeared in Windows 10, if you can’t see it, turn on show system icons and icons in taskbar settings.
If it is still not visible in the taskbar settings, it may appear by editing the registry. This page introduces how to deal with when the speaker icon is not displayed.
If the speaker volume changes on its own, see the following page for how to deal with it.

Show speaker icon in taskbar settings

The display of the speaker icon is set in two places: “Set system icons” and “Select which icons to display”. Open taskbar settings
Right-click an empty space on the taskbar and click “Taskbar settings” in the menu.

System icon settings
Click “Turn system icons on/off”.
Click the volume switch button to turn it on.
Then click ← to go back and confirm your choice of icons to display.
Select which icons to display
Click Select which icons to display on the taskbar.
Make sure the “Volume” switch button is “on”.
If it is “off”, change it to “on”.
This completes the setting to display the speaker icon on the taskbar. If you still can’t see the speaker icon, there may be a problem with your registry values.
The system icon on the taskbar and the repair of the registry are introduced in the item.


Repair the display of system icons by editing the registry

Fix the speaker icon in the registry
If the speaker icon doesn’t appear, the problem may be caused by a registry issue.
It is an operation to delete and reset the registry information of the system icon on the taskbar and restore it to normal. 

Incorrectly editing the registry can prevent Windows from working properly.
If you are not confident about the operation, please make a backup before editing and then operate the registry.

Open Registry Editor

  • Right-click the “Windows” mark to display a menu, and click “Run” to open “Run”.
  • Type regedit in the text box and click OK.
  • Click Yes when the User Account Control warning appears.
  • It will not be displayed if the User Account Control setting is set to “Never notify”. (Reference: Disable UAC )

Click the “>” icon of the key name to expand it.

  • 〉Software
  • 〉Classes
  • 〉Local Settings
  • 〉Software
  • 〉Microsoft
  • 〉Windows
  • 〉Current Version

, then expand and click ” Tray Notify “.

Delete each of the two “values” below.
Right-click the Icon Streams
Promoted Icon Cache
value and click Delete.

A reboot is required for the registry edits to take effect.
The “value” that was deleted after restarting is newly created (reset) and the icon display returns to normal.

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