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Windows 10 Useful Features Hidden Start Menu

Windows 10 hides a convenient menu that appears when you right-click the “Windows” mark.
Quick access to Shutdown/Restart, Control Panel, Run, Command Prompt and more.
It may be convenient for those who are used to using Windows.
If you have trouble opening or closing the Start menu, opening the hidden menu may help you in some way, so it is useful to remember.

Windows 10 convenient back start menu

This image is before “Windows 10 Creators Update”.
 Windows 10 right click start menu

  • desktop
  • shutdown or sign out
    1. Reboot
    2. shutdown
    3. sign out
  • Run with file name
  • search
  • explorer
  • setting
  • task manager
  • Windows PowerShell (administrator)
  • Windows PowerShell
  • computer management
  • Disk management
  • network connection
  • device manager
  • system
  • event viewer
  • power options
  • Programs and features

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