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Windows 10 wallpaper location “for users, Windows standard, original image”

Windows 10 desktop wallpapers are stored in different locations for user-specific wallpapers and Windows default wallpapers. User wallpapers are in the “username” folder and default wallpapers are in the Windows folder. Also, the location of the original wallpaper file is recorded in the registry. This page introduces the locations of Windows 10 wallpapers.
Please see the following page for how to change the wallpaper image, how to make it a single color, and settings.

Desktop wallpaper storage location

The Windows 10 standard desktop wallpaper location is in the Windows folder. The location of the user’s wallpaper is in the user name folder, and it is overwritten and saved when the user’s wallpaper is changed.

User desktop wallpaper location

User-specific wallpaper locations are stored in ” C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes “.
Also, since the location of the user’s wallpaper is a hidden folder, it is necessary to set it to be displayed. Set to show hidden files first.
When you click “View” in Explorer, the contents related to display are displayed, so click “Hidden files” and put a check mark.
*You can display hidden files by closing Explorer once and opening it again.
 Click the “>” icon next to the name to expand the tree.

  • 〉Local Disk (C:)
  • 〉Users
  • >username
  • 〉App Data
  • 〉Roaming
  • 〉Microsoft
  • 〉Windows

, and click Themes to open the user’s wallpaper storage location.

Themes folder

  • ” TranscodedWallpaper ” is the wallpaper currently used by files without this extension. The way to open this file is to copy the file to another location and add the file format extension of the original wallpaper.
    Example: If the extension is “jpeg”, add TranscodedWallpaper .jpeg and you can open the file.
  • Files in the ” CachedFiles ” folder allow you to see the current wallpaper without an extension. This file is a wallpaper cache file, kind of like a backup.

* Since the user’s wallpaper is overwritten each time it is changed, the previous wallpaper cannot be seen.


Windows 10 standard desktop wallpaper location

Windows10 standard wallpaper location is stored in ” C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper “. In the “Wallpaper folder”, there are folders “Windows”, “Windows 10” and “Flowers”, and default wallpapers are stored in them. Click the “>” icon next to the name to expand the tree.

  • 〉Local Disk (C:)
  • 〉Windows
  • 〉Web

If you expand it and click ” Wallpaper “, the location of the Windows 10 standard wallpaper will open.
The wallpaper with the default Windows mark of Windows 10 is saved in the “Windows” folder in the Wallpape folder.

Location of original image for current desktop wallpaper

The location of the original files used by the current wallpaper is recorded in the registry. However, even if the file used for the wallpaper does not already exist in the location of the original file, the location at the time it was set as the wallpaper is recorded. Open Registry Editor

  • Right-click the “Windows” mark to display a menu, and click “Run” to open “Run”.
  • Type regedit in the text box and click OK.
  • Click Yes when the User Account Control warning appears.
  • It will not be displayed if the User Account Control setting is set to “Never notify”. (Reference: Disable UAC )

When Registry Editor opens, expand the tree by clicking the “>” icon next to the key name.

  • 〉Control Panel

and click Desktop .
 Right-click ” WallPaper ” and click “Modify” in the menu.
 The “Edit String” screen appears with the location of the original image displayed in the “Value data” box.


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