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Windows 10 Where is my computer?

In Windows 10, the names of “My Computer” and “Computer” that were used in the previous Windows were changed to ” PC “, so it is difficult to intuitively know where My Computer is. This page introduces how to open My Computer in Windows 10 and how to display shortcut icons on the desktop screen.

How to open My Computer (PC)

Open from start menu

Click the “Windows” mark, scroll down the “Menu”, and click “Windows System Tools” in the “W” to expand the menu.
You can open My Computer “This PC” by clicking “This PC”.
Open from explorer
You can open My Computer “This PC” by clicking “This PC” in Explorer.

Main ways to open Explorer

  • Click the explorer button on the taskbar.
  • Press the “Windows mark” and “E” keys on your keyboard.
  • Click the Explorer icon in “Windows System Tools” in the Start menu.

Displaying the PC (My Computer) icon on the desktop screen

1. Click the Windows mark and click “Settings”.
 2. When the setting window opens, click “Personal settings”.
 3. Click “Themes” under “Personalization”.
 4. Scroll through the contents displayed on the right and click “Desktop icon settings” in “Related settings” to open the settings screen in a new window.
 Five. Click “Computer (M)”, add a check mark, and click “OK” or “Apply” to display the PC (My Computer) icon on the desktop.

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