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Windows 11 Explorer How to narrow the line spacing and increase the display

In Windows 11, the space between lines in Explorer can be widened and narrowed by selecting “Compact View” from the “View” menu of Explorer to narrow the space between lines and increase the number of displayed lines. Also, if you want to narrow the line spacing in the folder options, enable “Reduce space between items”. This page introduces how to return the wide line spacing of Windows Explorer to the previous specification and increase the number of displays in Windows 11.

Comparison chart with narrowed and widened space between lines in Explorer

Narrower line spacing allows more items, lists, or details to be displayed like in earlier Windows.
Sometimes it feels like it’s easier to see when the line space is wider, but it’s a waste of the display frame for explorer.

Procedure to narrow the line spacing from the view menu of Windows 11 Explorer


1. Click the Explorer view menu Click “ View
” in Explorer .


2. Select the compact view to reduce the line spacing
When the view menu is displayed, click ” Compact view ” to select it, and the line spacing in the explorer will be narrowed.
Procedure to narrow the line spacing in Windows 11 Explorer folder options
1. Open Folder Options from Explorer Click the
” … ” button in Explorer and then click “Options” to open Folder Options.


2. Go to the “View” tab in Folder Options
When the Folder Options are displayed, click the “View” tab.


3. Click on ” Reduce space between items (compact view)
” in the Advanced Settings box of Folder Options Advanced Settings to mark and select the checkbox .
 Make sure “Reduce space between items (compact view)” is selected and click “OK” to reduce the space between rows in the explorer.

Tips: Configure Explorer Settings in Folder Options

The folder options used in the setting to narrow the line spacing introduced here are setting functions that allow detailed settings of Explorer such as behavior, preview, and search. Details of what can be set in Folder Options and detailed explanations are shown on the following page.
Details of Windows 11 folder option settings Please refer to the following page for problems such as slow operation of Explorer.

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