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Windows 11 How to cancel password input when waking from sleep

The method of omitting password/PIN entry when waking up from sleep on Windows 11 PC is set in the account sign-in option. To omit the password when returning from screen sleep, operate in the sleep settings. This page introduces how to omit the password when waking from sleep. Please refer to the following page for detailed settings regarding sleep and what to do if you cannot wake up from sleep.

Remove password/PIN entry when PC wakes from sleep

To unlock the password when waking from sleep, use the “Sign-in options” in the account settings. If you cannot unlock the password even after setting it, execute the command to deal with it. 1. Open Account Settings
Click the Start button, then click Settings in Start.
 Click “Account” to display the account settings screen.
 2. When the account settings are displayed, click “Sign-in options”.
 3. Go to “Additional settings” under “Sign-in options” and click “When to wake the PC” under “When Windows asks me to sign in again after inactivity”.
“Time to wake the PC” refers to when it wakes up from sleep .4. When the selection box appears, click “Always off” to complete the cancellation of password entry.  

What to do if you can’t unlock the password input when waking from sleep

If you cannot cancel password entry when waking from sleep mode, first check the setting for canceling password entry when waking from sleep mode on the screen in the next section. Even if the password for screen sleep has already been set, if the password for waking from sleep cannot be removed, rewrite the setting data with a command. Run the command from Command Prompt or Terminal Administrator. Here, the command prompt is used for explanation. Start command prompt as administrator

  • After pressing the “Windows” key on your keyboard, press ” cmd “.
  • When the search screen appears, click “Run as administrator” in Command Prompt.

*This operation is the same as entering “cmd” in the search. 

From the Start menu
To start from the Start menu, click “All apps” and click “Windows Tools” in the list to open Explorer, right-click “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator” “Click. 

Command to remove password when PC is plugged in and in use

Type powercfg /SETACVALUEINDEX SCHEME_CURRENT SUB_NONE CONSOLELOCK 0 and press Enter on your keyboard.


 If the PC is equipped with a battery, please also execute the following command. 

Remove password command when PC is using battery

Type powercfg /SETDCVALUEINDEX SCHEME_CURRENT SUB_NONE CONSOLELOCK 0 and press Enter on your keyboard.


 After executing the command to disable password input when waking from sleep, reboot to reflect the settings and you’re done.

The difference between the commands for power supply and battery is ” power supply SET AC VALUEINDEX ” and ” battery SET DC VALUEINDEX “. If you want to enable password entry when waking from sleep , change the ” 0 ” at the end of the command to ” 1 ” and execute it, then restart your computer.

Remove password/PIN entry when screen wakes from sleep

In addition to sleep of the main unit, there is a password input request when resuming from screen sleep (screen power off), and to cancel it, operate with the screen saver setting. 1. On the desktop (home) screen where there is nothing such as an icon, right-click and click “Personalize” in the menu.
 2. When Personalization appears, click Lock screen to open lock screen settings.
 3. Click “Screen saver” in “Related settings” in Lock screen settings.
 4. If you deselect “Return to logon screen when asked again” in the screensaver settings, you can cancel the sign-in input after returning.

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