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Windows 11 Keyboard Settings – Change/Add English, Other Languages

If the keyboard layout suddenly becomes strange in Windows 11, or if you select the wrong keyboard type during setup, the wrong characters will be entered even if you press a key. In this case, it can be solved by changing the keyboard layout in “Region and Language” in the settings. You can also add keyboard layouts for other languages ​​in addition to the main keyboard language. This page introduces how to set the keyboard layout language.

Windows 11 keyboard setting location

1. Click the Start button and click Settings in Start.
 2. When the setting opens, click the item “Time and language”, and when the setting screen is displayed, click “Language and region”.
 3. Click the ” … ” menu icon in the box that says “English” under Language and click “Language Options”.
 4. Under Language Options , Keyboard is where you set your keyboard.

Windows 11 keyboard layout Change language and additional settings

English Main keyboard setting

Here, we introduce how to change the  English keyboard layout of the language that can be set by default in Windows 11. If you want to set it to another language , please see the setting to add a keyboard of another language in the next section. 

1. Open keyboard layout change language

In the keyboard item, click ” Change layout ” in the “Keyboard layout: (current language layout)” box . 

2. Change the keyboard layout

When “Change hardware keyboard layout” opens, click the box to select the main keyboard layout, “English keyboard keyboard”. 

3. Reflect keyboard layout changes

  • If you want to change the language keyboard layout immediately, click Restart now.
  • If you click OK, the keyboard layout will change on the next launch.

 If you have not saved the data you are working on, do not click “Restart Now”, but click “OK”, and then restart after saving.This completes setting the main keyboard layout language.

Initialize keyboard settings

Due to an update or some kind of problem, the keyboard becomes strange and characters different from the input characters are entered, etc. It may be solved by initializing the keyboard settings. Initializing the keyboard simply resets it. 

When initializing the English keyboard

  • Select English keyboard and reboot
  • Select English keyboard and restart again
  • Complete initialization of keyboard settings
Settings to add keyboards for other languages

1. Additional language settings

1. Open “Language and Region” in “3.” of the keyboard settings location , and click “Add Language” in “Preferred Language”.

2. Install additional languages

2-1. Add a keyboard layout Click “Language” to select it, then click “Next”.
* Here, “Chinese (Traditional)” (Taiwan) is used as an example.2-2. The selection screen for additional language options (handwriting, etc.) will be displayed. Select the one you need and click “Install”.
Caution Please
note that if you select “Set as my Windows display language”, the Windows display will be in the added language.
2-3. Additional language installation will start. It may take some time, but just wait.

4. Completion of adding keyboard language

When the box for the added language appears, adding the language is complete. 

5. Adding keyboard layouts for added languages

The keyboard will be added automatically after you finish adding the language.

Keyboard layout How to switch languages
  • Click the language switch button on the taskbar and select a keyboard layout to switch
  • Switch between keyboard layouts with the “Windows” and “Space” keys on your keyboard

Make the added language the default keyboard layout

The box for the added language is displayed in the “Language” item, so if you click the ”  ” menu icon and click “Up”, the “Preferred language will become the added language and the main keyboard language.
 This way, even if you have multiple languages ​​added, the language at the top can be the basic keyboard layout to use after booting.

Remove added keyboard layout language

Click the ” … ” menu icon in the added language box and click “Delete” to delete the added keyboard layout (language).

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