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Windows 11 Start Menu Add/Remove Pinned Icons

It is possible to manually pin and add shortcut icons etc. to the start menu of Windows 11. You can also unpin and delete unnecessary icons in the start menu. The Windows 11 start menu may not be added to the main start menu even if the icon is added to “All apps” of the start menu even if the app is installed. This page introduces how to set icons for the start menu.
For how to customize the Windows 11 Start Menu, see the page below.
Windows 11 Add/Remove Start Icons

In Windows 11, the start menu has changed significantly, and when you click the start button, the first start menu displayed is the “tile part” in Windows 10. The list of apps that was previously displayed in the Start menu has been changed to be displayed by clicking “All apps”.

Add icon to start menu

When adding an icon to the Start menu of Windows 11, depending on where you operate it, it will be pinned (added) to the same place (Start menu), although it may be displayed differently as “Start” or “Start menu”.

Add app shortcut icon to Start

1. Click “All apps” in the Start menu.
 2. Right-click the “icon” you want to add to Start and click “Pin to Start” from the menu.
 3. If you click “< Back”, the start menu will be displayed, so check if it has been added.

Add folder shortcut icon to Start
1. Right-click the folder you want to show on Start, and click Pin to Start Menu from the menu.
 2. Display the start menu and check whether the folder shortcut icon has been added.

In this way, if you right-click the icon you want to add to the Start menu, and if “Start… Pin” is displayed on the menu, you can add the icon to Start by clicking it.

Remove start icon

Deleting icons displayed in the Windows 11 start menu is operated from the right-click menu in the same way as adding. 

Remove app shortcut icon from Start

You can remove it by right-clicking the icon to be deleted in the Start menu and clicking “Unpin from Start” in the menu.
If you’ve deleted an app icon and want it back, find it in “All apps” and add it with pinning.

Remove icon from ” Recommended ” in Start menu

You can remove it by right-clicking the “icon” displayed in the recommendation and clicking “Remove from list” in the menu.

sum up

Add/Remove Start icons from the right-click menu
  • To add an icon, click “Pin to Start” in the menu
  • To remove the icon, click “Unpin from Start” in the menu
  • To remove the recommended icon, click “Remove from list” in the menu.

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