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Windows 11 taskbar and start menu display leftmost

In Windows 11 default settings, the Start (Windows mark) and buttons displayed on the taskbar are displayed in the center, and the Start menu is also displayed in the center . can be displayed. This page introduces how to display the taskbar buttons and start menu on the left edge.
For how to hide the taskbar, see the separate page below.
Change the display position of buttons on the Start menu and taskbar

To move the taskbar buttons and start menu to the left edge, use “Taskbar settings”. Open the taskbar settings
There are two main ways to open the taskbar settings.■ Open from the taskbar
If you right-click on an empty space on the taskbar, “Taskbar settings” will be displayed, so click on it.
 ■ Open from personal settings
Right-click on an empty space on the desktop, click “Personal settings” in the menu, and when the setting screen is displayed, click “Taskbar”. 

Move the taskbar buttons and start menu to the left edge

Click Actions on the taskbar.
 Click “Center” in the Taskbar Alignment selection box, then click “Left Align” to select it.
As soon as you select it, it will be reflected, so you can check that it is left aligned.
If you set the taskbar to the left edge, the start menu will also appear on the left edge.
 To re-center the taskbar and start menu display, select “Centered” under Taskbar Alignment.

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