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Windows 11 taskbar remove default icon button

The default icon button displayed on the Windows 11 taskbar from the beginning can be turned on/off from the taskbar settings. Anything not in the settings can be removed by right-clicking directly on the icon button and unpinning the menu. This page introduces how to hide the icon button on the taskbar that is displayed by default.
See the separate page below for how to change the position of the icon button on the taskbar.
Default Icon Button Visibility on Taskbar

The default icon button on the taskbar can be turned on/off from the taskbar settings for some buttons such as search and task view. Things that cannot be operated with the taskbar settings, such as Edge and Microsoft store, can be set directly by pinning them.

Display settings in taskbar settings

The icon button on the taskbar is normally operated by “pinning”, but some icon buttons are default, so it is necessary to operate from the taskbar settings. Open the taskbar settings
There are two main ways to open the taskbar settings.■ Open from the taskbar
If you right-click on an empty space on the taskbar, “Taskbar settings” will be displayed, so click on it.
 ■ Open from personal settings
Right-click on an empty space on the desktop, click “Personal settings” in the menu, and when the setting screen is displayed, click “Taskbar”.

 Default icon button visibility
In the taskbar settings, the default icon button can be set to “on” to display and “off” to hide.
If you click the “on/off” switch button, it will be reflected in the taskbar display immediately, so you can check it. Taskbar default icon button to hide in taskbar settings

  • search
  • task view
  • widget
  • chat

 In the regular update on March 10, 2022, the position of the widget button on the taskbar was changed to the left edge, but the hidden operation is the same.

Icon button to erase by pinning operation
In taskbar settings, unmanaged icon buttons are hidden by direct pin action. Right-click the desired icon button, click “Unpin to taskbar” in the menu, and the icon button disappears.
 Default icon button on the taskbar that disappears when pinned

  • explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft store

Show the icon button that disappeared from the taskbar again

Click “All apps” in the start menu.
 From the list of apps, right-click the desired icon, point the mouse pointer to “Details”, and click “Pin to taskbar” to display the icon button on the taskbar. 

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