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Windows 7 gadget setting “Gadget display”

Gadgets were normally displayed in the “sidebar” in Windows Vista, but in Windows 7 gadgets can be displayed anywhere on the desktop.

Gadgets include currency conversions, weather forecasts, etc. that are updated at regular intervals. There are other functions such as a clock, calendar, and sticky notes (sticky notes).
Also, new gadgets are being published one after another on the Internet, so you can search for your favorite gadget and use it. The Windows Gadgets feature allows you to add your favorite gadgets, place them wherever you like, and create an easy-to-use desktop environment that suits your needs.

1. Right-click anywhere on the desktop screen where there are no icons, etc., and click “Gadgets” in the shortcut menu.
2. Select (click) the gadget to add and double-click it to display the gadget on the desktop.
When gadgets are added, they are initially displayed on the right side of the desktop. If you want to move the gadget, just click and hold the gadget and move the gadget to where you want it.
This image is for the RC version of Windows 7, and there is a gadget of the stock price, but the gadget of the stock price has disappeared from the product version.

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