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Windows 7 gadgets not updating “Update gadgets such as weather, currency conversion, etc.”

Gadgets such as weather and currency conversion may not be updated for a long time. The calendar and clock have been properly updated, so when I was looking at the information on the gadget without thinking about anything, I noticed that the currency conversion figures were significantly different, and even if I restarted the PC, it would be the next day. It’s still the same, and the weather hasn’t changed either.
In such a case, there is a method such as closing the gadget once and adding it again, but it may be incomplete. In such a case, you may be able to update normally by deleting the “cache” . Note) In some cases, you may need to set the gadget again.
Clearing the “cache” is like clearing the history.

1. Click [Start] – [Run].

         If you can’t find [Run]

2. Enter ” %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Cache ” in the name field and click OK to open the gadget cache folder.
The content to be entered here is to open the AppData → Local → Microsoft → Windows Sidebar → Cache folder in the user folder.
If you open the gadget cache folder in Explorer or your computer and follow it, it will be hidden unless a check mark is added to “Show hidden files and folders” in the “Folder Options” settings. I can’t.
“Folder Options” can be opened by clicking “Organize” in the menu of the window that displays files in Explorer, etc., and then clicking “Folder and Search Options”.
Reference: Show hidden files
3. The gadget cache folder will open. Delete all files and folders in the folder.
*The number of folders and files varies depending on the gadget usage environment.

4. Restart your PC and make sure your gadgets are updated.

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