You can save a program to a Memory Stick

Designed for copying, saving and transferring data between computers, memory cards are a non-volatile memory format commonly used in portable electronic equipment such as smartphones and digital cameras. “Memory Stick” is also a common term for USB flash drives. Saving and
Running Programs
You should be able to save programs to both memory cards and USB flash drives. You will not be able to run the programs, however, on a computer that is not installed. Be sure to transfer a program installation files to the drive to install it on a new computer.
Card Size
Some programs may be too big to save on smaller capacity cards. While cards come as small as 512MB, programs are sometimes larger than that, which would require a card with more storage space.

If you’re trying to transfer a program from one computer to another, make sure you copy the files to external storage. Moving the data without copying it could take it away from the original machine.

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