You Can Stick a Notebook Hard Drive on a Desktop

While it’s possible to connect your laptop’s hard drive to a desktop computer, it’s not as simple as inserting the drive. An adapter is needed to hook up the smaller connections to your desktop motherboard. Background Photograph of
Compared to the usual 3.5-inch hard drives used in desktop PCs, laptop hard drives are usually 2.5-inch (or sometimes even smaller) models. Both data and power connections on portable hard drives are smaller than their desktop equivalents.
Many computer vendors stock a variety of hard drive adapters. These allow you to connect a handheld to a desktop and include adapters for both data and power connection. Be sure to purchase the correct adapter for your needs and the correct type of hard drive, which may have an IDE or Serial-ATA connection.
If you prefer not to open your desktop PC, hard drive caddies are available that allow you to insert your portable hard drive and connect it to your PC via a USB connection. The drive functions as an external hard drive, allowing you to easily access your data.

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